Fire Protection - Thatch Marshal 8000

Thatch Marshal 8000 is a specially designed formula that minimizes the dangers of fire for thatched roofs. It has been tested by independent fire Lab.

It not only guards your thatch against fire but also provides the following benefits:


• It extends the life of your thatch
• It helps to protect your thatch against insects
• It binds your thatch together making it difficulty for birds to dismantle
• It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinus and allergies
• It protects your thatch against the suns UV rays


Trained Thatch Pro personnel apply Thatch Marshall 8000 flame retardant by high-pressure spraying to new or refurbished thatch roofs. Thatch Marshall 8000 flame retardant is safe for workmen and inhabitants. It is water-based, cures within hours after application and does not release toxic,  volatile organic compounds. It is environmentally safe.The water-insoluble phosphate used in Thatch Marshall imparts flame-retarding properties, limits run-off with rainwater and prolongs the fire retardant properties of the treated thatch. In addition, Thatch Marshall also provides UV and biocide protection.